In the frame of the European Union’s (EU)  IPeuropAware project, tools were developed for the better exploitation of Intellectual Property (IP) of the SMEs. Those tools were further developed and updated not only under IPorta project but also under the VIP4SME, which was completed on December 2019 and to which OBI participated as partner.

The following tools were implemented by OBI.

  • IP Marketplace service of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office if you want to buy or to sell your  Intellectual Property Right (IPR). 
  • Sectoral Guides for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and their protection from counterfeiting:
  • Questionnaire developed by the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg, if you wish to evaluate your enterprise’s awareness on Intellectual Property.  The questionnaire has been translated and adapted into Greek by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI-10/2010). 
  • Innovator Guide / Consider Licensing, with information on Licensing (in Greek).
  • Innovator Guide / Invention and Innovation, with information on the importance of protecting the Intellectual Assets and developing an Innovation Strategy (in Greek).  
  • Soft IP, with information on alternative ways of protecting your Intellectual Property (in Greek). 
  • A flyer, with the title “Protecting your Rights from Counterfeiting” with information relating to the protection and enforcement of IPRs (in Greek). 

  • Website INNOVACCESS – Access to Innovation – General and Country specific information for Intellectual Property. In the frame of new European Union’s (EU) IPorta project, this website was further developed and enriched with material for the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and with tools for best managing Intellectual Property (IP). Further development and enrichment with tools/methodologies was achieved with VIP4SME project.   
  • Intellectual Assets (IA) Management Tools for capturing and recording Intellectual Assets within a company
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation Tool for the valuation of IP Assets using qualitative and quantitative approaches

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