The Industrial Property Organization was established in 1987 (Law 1733/87) in order to contribute to the technological and industrial development of the country, providing important services in the field of industrial property:

In order to secure the inventions in Greece, it grants:

Patent Certificates, Certificates of Usefulness, Certificates of Submission of Translation of European Patent and other protection certificates.

For the registration of (industrial) plans and models in Greece, a relevant protection certificate is issued.

Provides technological information for technical, bibliographic and other data from D.E. Europe, the United States and Japan.

Registers Technology Transfer Contracts.

It provides advice and opinions to its audience, cooperates with similar and other organizations internationally, on issues of industrial property, publishes the Special Bulletin of Industrial Property and other newsletters.

OBI presentation (pdf form)

Anniversary edition of OBI (The first Patents in Greece)

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