1. What is technological information from Patents?

It is the whole of both the technological information which is contained in a Patent and of the rest of the items of information which accompany it.

2. What kind of information is contained in Patents?

•           Technical/Scientific information on the pre-existing level of the technique.
•           Bibliographical information, such as, for example, who is the owner or inventor of an invention.
•           Legal information such as the term of force of a patent.
•           Information of an economic-commercial character, such as, for example, research into the competition.

3. What are the sources for the technical information of OBI?

•           The printed archive of OBI.
•           The central computer system of OBI.
•           Special data bases on Patents of the European Office.
•           Special subscriber scientific data bases.

4. Where is the technological information supplied?

Technological information from Patents is provided at the offices of the OBI in Athens and on the Internet www.obi.gr

5. How is technological information supplied?

Technological information is supplied by specialist personnel of OBI following the completion of a special application (Pre-search form) – which is available on the Organisation’s web page.

6. What is the search fee for technological information from Patents?

The third-party search fee amounts to 60 euros for results up to 60 records/industrial property titles (titles). For records, in case of need, above 60 records/titles, there will be a charge of 2 euros for every extra record/title.

7. What does technological information from Patents search provide?

The results of a technological information search include bibliographical data and summaries of Patents acquired, and, where necessary, a typical design.