• The newly founded OBI moves from the building of the Ministry of Industry to the 3rd floor of the Public Gas Company building (207, Mesogheion Av.).
  • Within the year the personnel numbers 25 persons.
  • As of 1.1.88 the new system for the protection of inventions in Greece enters into force.
  • The Presidential Decree on the Implementing Regulations of the European Patent Convention is drawn-up and issued.
  • There starts the 5-year Common Action Plan with the European Patent Office.
  • The Industrial Property Bulletin ( in replacement of the respective FEK ) is published for the first time.


  • OBI purchases an office building at Paradissos Amaroussiou (Artemidos & Epidavrou Str.) in the framework of the Mediterranean Integrated Programs (MIP) for Attica.
  • There starts the participation of OBI in the 5-year development program “MIP for Informatics”.
  • OBI adheres to the Regional Development Plans (RDP). The program implementation starts in 1990 for the development of the infrastructure for the automatic data processing and the dissemination of technical information.
  • The first patents are granted in August where, in accordance with the new system, a Search Report has been drawn up.
  • OBI participates with the EPO for the first time in Thessaloniki Trade Fair.


  • OBI moves to the building at Paradissos Amaroussiou.
  • Forwards the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for ratification.
  • OBI gets the first CD-ROM workstation in the framework of the cooperation with the EPO.
  • Participates for a second year in Thessaloniki Trade Fair.
  • Many personnel training programs starts and others continue.
  • OBI is faced with a serious problem of personnel shortage.


  • OBI forwards the issue of a Presidential Decree on the Implementation of PCT.
  • It also forwards the issue of a Presidential Decree on the protection of the topographies of semiconductor products.
  • OBI gets another two CD-ROM workstations (3 in total) and another two destined for access to the EPOQUE in the framework of cooperation with the EPO. It also gets an extra CD-ROM workstation in the framework of cooperation with WIPO.
  • Actively participates in the ALAI Congress.
  • OBI is faced for another year with problems of personnel shortage.


  • OBI΄s personnel numbers 33 persons.
  • OBI gets another CD-ROM workstation in the framework of the cooperation with the EPO and four juke-boxes. A total of five workstations are connected at the local network under NOVELL network software.
  • OBI also receives from the EPO five more workstations destined for access to the EPOQUE.
  • OBI forwards the ratification of the Agreement on the Community Patents.
  • It also forwards the issue of a Presidential Decree on the exemption of the Organization from the general public sector.
  • The personnel training programs continue and four experts from the EPO visit OBI for this very reason.


  • OBI΄s personnel numbers 63 persons.
  • OBI purchases a new larger building under construction at Paradissos Amaroussiou (Pandanassis 5).
  • The on-line connection to the central EPO computer at the Hague while OBI also accesses major providers, such as Dialog and Questel, offering access to more than 20.000.000 patentsis is inaugurated. OBI has an additional nine CD-ROM workstations and the technical information service operates for the first time.
  • OBI forwards the ratification of the Budapest Treaty on the protection of microorganisms.
  • There starts a program on the setup of a Legal Library with electronic data storage (LEGIS).
  • There starts a program on the classification of the patent archives dating from 1920 (due for completion in 1994).
  • OBI participates in the Thessaloniki Trade Fair and Eurometrics.
  • The training programs for the personnel continue.
  • OBI receives trainees from a Department of the Technical Educational Institution (TEI) for training purposes.


  • OBI draws up the first search reports.
  • Preparations for the first CD-ROM with Greek patents are made (due for completion in 1995).
  • OBI starts up a regional campaign and visits 14 institutions to inform them of technical information issues.
  • A technical and legal non-lending library is in operation.
  • OBI trains representatives from the Hungarian and Moldavian Patent Offices.
  • OBI organizes in Athens the EPO Working Group Congress on technical information.
  • OBI participates in a variety of meetings, congresses etc.


  • OBI moves to its new building (Pandanassis 5, Paradissos Amarousiou).
  • The first regional electronic library is inaugurated at Herakleion, Crete.
  • An addition-amendment forwarded by OBI extends the validity of the patents granted under Law No 2527/20 from 15 to 20 years.
  • After the completion of the Presidential Decree, the number of countries covered with the protection of the topographies of semiconductor products is enlarged.
  • The first Greek CD-ROM is completed.
  • The search reports drawn by OBI reach the number of 170.
  • OBI participates in the INFOSYSTEM ΄95 exhibition and also in many meetings and other events.


  • OBI΄s new building is inaugurated by the then Minister of Industry, Energy, and Technology, Mr. A. Peponis.
  • Two more regional electronic libraries are inaugurated in Thessaloniki and Patras.
  • The Hague Arrangement on the International Deposit of industrial designs and models is sent for ratification.
  • The Strasbourg Arrangement on the International Patent Classification is forwarded for ratification.
  • Two more juke-boxes of 500 CD-ROM each are delivered to OBI by the EPO.
  • OBI trains delegations from the Hungarian, Public Relations΄ Heads of the EPO member states.
  • Organizes a specialized one-day meeting for the field of refractory and ceramic materials and a seminar (for lawyers) on European patent issues. OBI also participates in exhibitions and meetings.


  • There is forwarded and issued the Presidential Decree containing the Implementing Provisions of the Hague Arrangement and the national legislation for the industrial designs and models in Greece, which are protected for the first time in our country.
  • Ministerial decisions are also forwarded relating to supplementary protection certificates for plant protection products and medicines.
  • OBI organizes in Athens the traveling Patent Exhibition with characteristic inventions from all over Europe in the framework of cooperation program with the EPO.
  • OBI carries out a campaign on the protection of the designs and models in Greece, participates in exhibitions and other events.
  • OBI΄s first building (Artemidos & Epidavrou str.) is sold and action is taken for the purchase of the remaining building where OBI is currently housed (5, Pandanassis str.).
  • Training programs for the personnel continue.
  • OBI has access through its electronic archives to more than 30.000.000 patents internationally.


  • Completion pf OBI’s headquarters (total floor space 8.450 m2).
  • The Ministry of Development approves the proposed by OBI statute for the reduction of bureaucracy and the simplification of filing procedure.
  • OBI participates in exhibitions and one-day meetings in order to promote its services and particularly the protection of industrial designs and models.


  • OBI, in collaboration with the EPO, undertakes the task of the conversion of its archives into electronic form (1920-1987).
  • The Re-engineering of the Organisation’s Information System starts.
  • Two important International Conferences in the field of patents PATINNOVA & EPIDOS are held in Greece with co-organisers the EU and the EPO accordingly.


  • OBI completes its program with the General Secretariat for Research & Technology entitled “Technical Information Transfer Network in the form of Patent Libraries (Archive)”.
  • The digitization of data is complete. Documents are classified according to the technical field of the patent and in accordance to the IPC.
  • The Re-engineering of the Organisation’s Information System is in progress.
  • The Ministerial Decision on “Awards & Financial Aid of Inventors” is issued.
  • OBI represents Greece to the Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of the Patent Law Treaty.
  • OBI is present in many selected exhibitions promoting the patent protection system.
  • Participation in the “STING” project (Evaluation of innovative scientific and technological progress in Europe via patents).


  • 30% increase compared to the previous years is observed in the number of applications for national patents.
  • The Presidential Decree for the harmonization of Greek Law with the Directive of the EU on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions is issued.
  • OBI adopts an outward-looking communication policy and participates in talks, in seminars and in exhibitions all over Greece.
  • Preparation of amendment of the Presidential Decree concerning the International Deposit of industrial designs and models.
  • OBI submits proposals for inclusion to the Operational Program “Competitiveness” (Ministry of Development).
  • An amendment passes according to which Courts will also hear cases related to patents and industrial designs.


  • The 1st Invention Award Ceremony takes place with absolute success.
  • OBI participates in a total of 16 one-day conferences, seminars and exhibitions.
  • “STING” project is successfully completed and “LIIP” (Linking Innovation & Industrial Property) project commences.
  • The Search Report Preparation Department increases its productivity by 57%.


  • As of April OBI operates as a receiving office for applications for Community Designs.
  • OBI organises and hosts successfully the exhibition “New Materials for success! Inventions & Athletics”. The exhibits were transferred from the Olympic Museum of Lausanne. It was jointly organised with the EPO.
  • OBI participates in 16 various events aiming to provide wide-range information all over Greece about industrial property issues.
  • OBI’s new website is developed.
  • Almost all search reports are now prepared from OBI’s search department.


  • The 2nd Invention Award Ceremony takes place in OBI’s new multi-purpose hall.
  • OBI takes part in the Collaboration Program with the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation and participates in the “International Exhibition for Young Inventors” in Tokyo with 2 exhibits from Greek students.
  • “L.I.I.P.” programme is completed.
  • OBI participates in 9 one-day conferences, 10 visits in companies and 4 exhibitions.
  • OBI’s new multi-purpose hall is ready.
  • The Search Report Preparation Department completes 377 search reports on national patent applications (only 50 applications, relating to strictly specialised issues, were sent to EPO for search).
  • The quality control of the OBI’s data bases is almost complete.
  • A study for the development of new services is in progress.


  • Reduction and in certain cases elimination, of many of its fees, in order to encourage innovation.
  • Introduction of an electronic online protocol system for the entire Organisation, aiming to the simplification of many in-house procedures.
  • Ratification of the Act Revising the Convention on the grant of European Patent.
  • Publication of the “Best Practice Guide for Technology Transfer”.
  • Aiming to provide direct services to the public OBI sets –up a “One stop Shop” service.
  • Organisation of the EPOLINE Conference.
  • Participation in the exhibition hosted in Zappion Megaron as part of the “Science and Technology Week”.
  • Organisation of the exhibition “Supporting Inventors – Protecting Inventions”.
  • Numerous one – day events seeking to race awareness and provide information across all over Greece.
  • New organizational structure, focusing on improving OBI’s operations and the organizational approach and culture of the Organisation.


OBI has reduced its fees again:

  • The fees for the filing of an application for the granting of a Patent and a Utility Model Certificate by 59% 
  • The fee for the granting of a Priority Certificate by 51%
  • The fee for filing and registration of a design and model by 55% 
  • The basic fees for pre search by 48% and the rest of the cost of pre search by 29% 
  • The fee for the compilation of a search report by 35% 
  • The fee for the granting of certificates by 29%
  • The fees for the 3rd and 4th year of protection of the Utility Model Certificates has been cancelled
  • The fees for the first 5 years of protection of Industrial Designs have been cancelled
  • The fees for copies of Protection Titles have been cancelled
  • There has been an increase of 13% in the number of national applications for a Patent; this follows the 22.3% increase previously reported for the preceding year1
  • Grants of Patents increased by 9.5%
  • Filings of European Patents with Greece as the destination increased by 13.7% (*)
  • The number of Industrial Designs protected increased by 28.4%
  • Grants of European Patents increased by 18%
  • Grants of τίτλων of every nature increased by 16.9%
  • Filings of Industrial Property τίτλων increased by 10.2%1
  • The Provision of Legal Data Internet Services System is being developed
  • The 13th Symposium of European Judges on Patents was held 
  • The 10th Annual Meeting of the member-countries of the EPO on international co-operation issues was held
  • Eleven day conferences and 13 briefing visits to companies were held and it took part in 4 exhibitions devoted to a branch of industry


  • There has been an increase of 10.8% in applications for a national patent and of 96% in the number of applications for protected industrial designs.
  • A Presidential Decree is in preparation on the harmonisation of Greek legislation with that of the Community in the field of the taking of measures for the protection and safeguarding of industrial property rights.
  • A draft Ministerial Decision is being prepared in connection with the procedure for the lodging of an application with the OBI for a six-month extension of the term of force of the SPCs of paediatric pharmaceuticals.
  • A Presidential Decree is in preparation on the amendment of Presidential Decree 77/89 on a review of various issues in connection with the grant of a European patent.
  • The ‘Briefing, sensitisation and familiarisation on industrial property issues’ task of the ‘Competitiveness’ operational programme has been completed.
  • The number of the Organisation’s examiners has been increased to 14, to enable the OBI to meet new needs following the increase in applications for titles of protection which has taken place in recent years.
  • A large number of briefing events and of visits to companies and technology parks is being carried out, and an educational programme on industrial property issues, addressed to young people in the sixth class of primary school, with school visits to its premises, is being launched (in collaboration with the Municipality of Maroussi).


  • The completion of 20 years of OBI was celebrated together with the 3rd Invention Awards, to distinguished Greek inventors.
  • Issuing and publication of Ministerial Decision 11475/EFA 2388 on the “Procedure for applying to OBI for a six-month extension of the validity of the supplementary protection certificate for paediatric pharmaceuticals”
  • Preparation of a draft Ministerial Decision for the “Procedure for compiling the search report or the final search report by OBI”.
  • The completion of 20 years of OBI was celebrated together with the 3rd Invention Awards, to distinguished Greek inventors.
  • A large number of informative events and visits to companies and technology parks is being carried out.
  • The educational programme on industrial property issues, addressed to young people in the sixth class of elementary, continues with a big success. The first awards to elementary school pupils for their creative ideas were given on the occasion of OBI’s celebration for the completion of its 20 years.
  • OBI has a new website
  • Applications for a national patents increased by 5% and applications for protected industrial designs increased by 14%.
  • The search reports drawn by OBI’s examiners increased by 23%.
  • Participation to the European Community “IPeuropAware” project.


  • Since 28.07.09, the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation operates Quality Management System certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2008, for a significant part of its competencies.
  • Publication of the Ministerial Decision 1594/04.08.2009 on the “Procedure for drawing up the Search Report or the Final Search Report by the OBI”. According to this Ministerial Decision the OBI can also draw Search Reports with written opinion.
  • Preparation of a draft Presidential Decree on the “Amendment of the PD77/1988 (GG A’ 33) according to the act revising the Convention on the Grant of European Patents as of November 29, 2000 when ratified by the law 3346/2005.
  • OBI participates in the European Union’s IPeuropAware Project which aims to help the Small and Medium sized Enterprises to cope with counterfeiting. In the framework of this project, many actions are taken, among which a very successful seminar addressed to the SME’s.
  • OBI, in cooperation to the European Patent Office, organised a special Seminar addressed to the Patent Judges.


  • The first search reports with written opinion are conducted.
  • The OBI site is enriched. The Euraxess Portal is created aiming to help the researchers’ mobility and a new section targeted exclusively for the Small & Medium Enterprises is also available.
  • Law No. 3842/2010 “Restoring tax justice, addressing tax evasion and other provisions” is issued.
  • Aiming to the support of the SME’s in the context of the IPeuropAware Program and the “Cooperation Agreement OHIM-OBI”, OBI organized seminars and developed more than 10 “tools” for the management of Intellectual Property.
  • A Historic Album with the first Patents in Greece, is published.


  • Amendment of the Presidential Decree No. 77/1988 concerning the agreement on the European Patent Grant.
  • The IPeuropAware European Community Program, concerning the support of the SME’s on Intellectual Property matters, has been completed and the successive Program IPorta begins.
  • Implementation of an electronic records system by digitizing all documents concerning the granting process for Patents and Utility Models (Phoenix Program, EPO).
  • Through the OBI – OHIM Cooperation Program, three important one-day seminars have taken place  in Athens, Thessaloniki and Syros and new editions for the promotion of Industrial Designs are published. Furthermore under the EPO’s National Action Plan, the new infokiosk application is developed.


  • In cooperation with the OHIM, the OBI organizes two conferences on “design” under the title “Greek Design = Good Business”. The conferences were held in Athens on 4.12.12 at “TEXNOPOLIS” and in Thessaloniki on 6.12.12 at the “MET HOTEL”. Both events were very successful.
  • OBI participates in the OHIM’s cooperation program for the development of the online consultation tool “Designview”. This tool, allows any Internet user to search, free of charge, the designs of all participating offices, including OHIM and National Offices.
  • Issue of the Legislative Act (A 237/05.12.1012) whereby patent application is modernized using electronic media. OBI will prepare Ministerial Decision on the implementation of the relevant legislation.
  • The participation in the Community Program IPorta continues. The program aims at supporting the SMEs in terms of developing and exploiting intellectual property products.


  • OBI, in cooperation with OHIM, organizes the exhibition “Greek Design = Good Design” for the promotion of the designs. The exhibition was held form November 28 to December 2 in the HELEXPO PALACE. In the context of the exhibition, 143 designers presented 313 designs in 900 m2. The exhibition attracted 4.500 visitors and more than 175 commercial cooperations kicked off. This event was the major one in OBI’s history and it was part of a series of well scheduled activities for the promotion of the Greek design.
  • On October 8, the OBI organizes the ceremony for the second awards to elementary school pupils for their creative ideas (3 awards for patents and 3 awards for designs to 9 pupils in total). The ceremony took place in OBI’s premises and the children were awarded by the Deputy Minister of Development and Comperitiveness, Mr. A. Skordas.
  • The OBI goes outwards by organizing and participating in 32 events such as one day seminars, exhibitions, company visits and educational programs.
  • The European Community Project IPorta is running, aiming to the development and improvement of IP services and tools for the SMEs.
  • Sign of Cooperation Agreement with the Small Enterprise Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE).
  • OBI offers to its public “Designview” which is an online consultation tool allowing any Internet user to search, free of charge, the designs of all participating offices, including OHIM and National Offices. The project was curried out in cooperation with OHIM.
  • OBI creates a page on Facebook.
  • The number of the registered designs increased by 40%, compared to 2012.