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Rania Zacharopoulou June 14, 2021

Livestreaming: 4th Hellenic Inventor Awards – The Distinguished Hellenic Inventors 

LIVESTREAMING: Watch the honorary event live

OBI announces the inventors that have been selected after the evaluation of almost 200 applications, by suggestion of the Inventions’ Evaluation Committee. This suggestion of the Committee was approved by the Minister of Development and Investments Mr. Adonis Georgiadis.

The distinguished inventors will be awarded on June 23rd 2021, at 21:00, in an honoring ceremony that will be held in the Biochemical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA).

With the inventors’ awards, that coincide with the 100 years anniversary from the first Patent in Greece, OBI along with the Ministry of Development and Investments continue the statute that was first inaugurated by the Organisation in 2002.

The Awards that correspond to cash prizes, will be dispensed in three inventor categories:

  1. In the framework of a research program on behalf of a University or a Research Center.
  2. As employees in a Small and Medium Enterprise.
  3. As independent natural persons.

The distinguished inventors come from a wide spectrum of technological fields, such as Renewable Energy Resources, Electromagnetic Energy, Orthodontics, Medicine, Agri-Nutrition and they come from many different regions of our country, like Attica, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patras, Rethymnon.

The names of the inventors and their inventions’ titles are mentioned below:

Category: Universities – Research Centers

1. Patent number: 1009480, application date 17.02.2017

Title: Integrated Plasmo – Photonic Biosensor and Method of Use

  • Dimitrios Tsiokos
  • Nikos Pleros
  • Giorgos Dabos
  • Dimitra Ketzaki
  • Anna Lena Giesecke

2. Patent number: 1009865, application date 07.04.2017

Title: Electrically conductive hydrogels of poly (thiophene) and sodium acrylate for bioelectronic applications

  • Vasilios Grigoriou
  • Christos Chochos
  • Michalis Spanos

Category: Small & Medium Enterprises

3. Patent number: 1009687, application date 22.04.2019

Title: Mobile base for a beehive

  • Vassilios Kostamenas
  • Michael Aggelis 

4. Patent number: 20180100563 with application date 22.04.2019

Title: Automatic Wind and Photovoltaic Energy Storage System for Uninterrupted Electricity Generation and Energy Autonomy

  • Nicholas Pittas

Category: Independent Natural Persons

5. Patent number: 20180100148, application date 04.04.2018

Title: Rare – earth High Entropy Alloys and Transition Metal High Entropy Alloys as Building Blocks for the Synthesis of new Magnetic Phases for Permanent Magnets

  • Dimitris Niarchos

 6. Patent number: 1009833, application date 08.11.2019

Title: Extraoral Orthopaedical Device for the Direct Protraction of the Maxilla and the Indirect Protraction of the Mandible

  • Stylianos Koutzoglou
  • Helen Koutzoglou

 Regarding the Hellenic Inventor Awards

The Ministry of Development and Investments in collaboration with OBI, announce the Competition Awards for distinguished inventions which contributed or may contribute to the technological development of the country, aiming to the material and ethical reward of the inventors, for their contribution in the advancement and promotion of innovation in Greece.

The evaluation of the inventions by competent Committee was made under the following criteria:

  • They contain a particular inventive activity
  • They have significant prospects to contribute to the technological and industrial development of the country
  • The Research Report doesn’t contain documents of the previous state of the art which infringe on the novelty of inventive step of the invention (categories X or Y).