A patent is a title of protection with duration of 20 years, granted to the inventor or beneficiary for an invention, which is new, involves an inventive step and is susceptible of industrial application. An invention is considered “new” if it has not been known to the public by any means (written or oral or in any other way), before its filing date, involves an inventive step if, in an expert’s opinion, it is not based on the existing state of the art in any obvious manner and it is capable of industrial application where it can be produced and used in any field of industrial activity.

The procedure for granting a patent includes:

  • Filing the application
  • A 4-month term from the filing date for any corrections to be made or omissions to be supplemented
  • An examination, conducted by OBI in order to confirm whether the invention is “new” and involves an inventive step drafting of the search report or search report will written opinion
  • A 3-month term from the date of notification of the search report, for comments by the applicant on the search report
  • Drafting of the final search report or final search report will written opinion 
  • Grant of the patent

The rights conferred upon the owner of a patent are acquired and remain in effect only where the relevant fees have been paid to OBI (in accordance with OBI’s Fee Regulation, certain due fees are subject to a discount).