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Rania Zacharopoulou November 2, 2020

Get to know the Invention’s Evaluation Committee

The Inventions Evaluation Committee, established under the Ministerial Decision 68542/1.7.20, GG Υ.Ο.Δ.Δ. 509/13-7-2020 with four year term, is defined as follows:

  • President: Evagelos Papakonstantinou, Professor on Personal Data Protection Law at the Faculty of Law & Criminology of the Free University of Brussels (VUB, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • Vice-President: Sotirios Markatos, Physics, MSc, Executive Director of Public Properties Company S.A

Regular Members & Alternate Members:

  • Christos Vlachokostas, Mechanical Engineer, Laboratory and Teaching Staff of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Aristotle University Thessaloniki (AUTH), regular member, with alternate member Christos Stalias, Mechanical Engineer, Search Patent Examiner, ΟΒΙ.
  • Gerasimos Gasparinatos, Lawyer, PhD, regular member, with alternate member Demetris Stafylas,  Electrical Engineer & Computer Engineer, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Search Patent Examiner, ΟΒΙ.
  • Konstantinos Kollias, Economist, President of the Economic Chamber of Greece, Financial Advisor – Business Development Consultant at KLC Law Firm, regular member, with alternate member Ioannis Stasinopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, MSc, BSc, Head of the Department of Quality and Innovation Promotion, Search Directorate ΟΒΙ.
  • Stratos Koutivas, Mechanical Engineer, PhD, Head of the Search Directorate ΟΒΙ, regular member, with alternate member Evangelos Giannakopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, Head of the Department of Mechanical Inventions, OBI.
  • Nikos Moshopoulos  Computer and Electronics Engineering, PhD, regular member, with alternate member Loudovikos Van-Heurck, Mechanical Engineer, Search Patent Examiner, ΟΒΙ.