(Valid from the 01.03.2012) 


Fee for priority certificates issued by OBI for industrial protection titles (Article 2(13d) of Law 1733/1987)


 Fee for other certificates issued by OBI (Article 2(13d) of Law 1733/1987)


Purchase fee for the Industrial Property Bulletin on compact disk (CD):
  Volume A’ & B’ price per disk


  Annual Domestic subscription for both Volumes (A’ & B’)


  Annual Foreign subscription for both Volumes (A’ & B’)(Article 4 par. 3, article 24 par. 1 Law. 1733/1987)


Fee for copies of industrial property titles
  Ordinary copies For the 21st page and each subsequent page


  Certified copies


  For the 21st page and each subsequent page (Article 2(13d) of Law 1733/1987)


   Foreign titles (ordered from abroad) 1,00 (per page)
Pre-search report fee (results for up to 60 entries/titles)
Pre-search report fee (for results exceeding the 60 entries/titles)

2,00 (for each additional entry/title)

Fee for an OBI opinion in accordance with Article 13(5) of Law 1733/1987 on service provision) Set by OBI Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis
Fee according to CDM 11970/B0012 (implementation of article 71, Law 3842/2010)