Ways Of Payment

Fees can be paid at the OBI Cashier’s Office in the following ways:

I. When using  electronic payment (credit / debit card), as payment date of the fees is the date of successful completion of the transaction, as confirmed by the OBI System.

II. Bank remittance or telephone wire to a bank OBI holds an account with

The date on which the outstanding debt is settled is taken as the date on which the amount owed is credited to the account maintained by OBI with ALPHA BANK and NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE and not the date on which the amount is deposited with that Bank.

III. Deposit straight into OBI’s bank account

Payment is considered as having been made when the amount owed is deposited into the account maintained by OBI with ALPHA BANK and NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE following the procedure outlined below:

a. An order is given for the amount owed to be paid into OBI’s Bank Account (ALPHA BANK Acc No. 146002002008632, IBAN:  GR92 0140 1460 1460 0200 2008 632, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE 66947900149, ΙΒΑΝ: GR05 0110 6690 0000 6694 7900 149).

b. Notice is dispatched by fax to 210-6819231 or delivered to OBI by the party involved (or his representative) by the end of the next working day containing:

  • Proof of payment (date of payment, name-surname of person paying the fees, payment order number).
  • A breakdown of the amount in the payment order into its individual elements: the certificate number, the beneficiary, type of certificate (patent or UMC, etc.), renewal year, subscription (in the case of annual fees), reference to the specific reason for payment (grant of priority certificate, copies of certificates, search reports or search reports with written opinion, library search reports, additional claims, etc.).

c. Instead of the information referred to in paragraph (b) the payee may send a copy of the payment order where this contains the information referred to above.

d. In the case where no such notice with the breakdown of the amount in the payment order is submitted or it is submitted late:

  • The entire amount will be placed in a special account for return.
  • If a delayed notice has been submitted relating to the specific payment order (amount unduly paid) before the amount referred to in that order is returned to its beneficiary, the date of payment shall be taken as the date on which the notice was lodged, a receipt shall be issued with the date on the notice and the fees shall be entered in the Register. The date on the payment order shall not be taken into account.
  • Notices of payment which have been submitted and received a reference number from OBI before the date of payment via the Bank shall not be taken into account and shall be put on file as not having been executed.

Principals shall pay payment order and cheque processing fees (see points II, III and IV).

The limit on amounts which may be paid over at the OBI Cashier’s Office (See point I) has been set at € 500.00 per transaction, by means of decision of the Administrative Council.

More information about payment of fees is available from OBI – Fees Department on 210-6183509 and 210-6183511. Applications or other related documents are to be sent to the fax 210 6819231.